June Goals


Happy June!

I can’t believe we’re already starting the sixth month of the year, but I guess I should get used to time flying by so fast since this seems to happen every year. May was a pretty crazy month for me – happy, sad, interesting…ughh everything. After all of that, I’m definitely ready for a fresh month and a brand new list of goals.


  • Be more organized and write in my planner everyday
  • Taking and editing pictures for blog and instagram that match my theme
  • Buy myself some new things
  • Make money for new phone/camera
  • Decorate my new room and makeup vanity
  • Work on myself more (I mean, change some routines)
  • New city – New life… Change my view of the world
  • Do more funny and interesting things with my boyfriend
  • Be the best girlfriend, friend, daughter and sister
  • Visit new places in my city
  • Be more happy, positive and smile every day.
  • Enjoy every second of my life.
What goals are you going to work towards this month?



Jenn xx

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